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Hi All,

I am new to CW reporting, but I have found it difficult to work with Report Writer so far. The company I work for is a Microsoft Partner, so we are very much integrated with Office 365. I am currently playing around with the Power BI app from Microsoft (similar to the BI tools in Excel) and I am wondering how I can integrate our CW data into it. To get some of our data to play with, I have just gotten into the Web Reporting tool to export data from CW. It seems limited as to what it can export. Does anyone have experience connecting their cloud SQL data or anything else to generate custom reports outside of CW? 

Currently these are the fields I am focused on tracking in our Help Desk board:

# of tickets opened vs. closed on a daily basis

# of tickets currently open

# of tickets older that 7 days

Currently I am manually counting these fields and adding them to an Excel table which updates a dashboard that we view on SharePoint. Is there a way that I can automate any/all of this?



  • For those that are interested, I've developed a suite of reports in Power BI that I'm looking to have available for demo at the LAN down under user group meeting on 25th February. These include: Revenues with comparatives and budgets, Service desk Response and Resolution times and ticket statistics; Effective rates for service contracts and projects; Billable vs Non-Billable, and time utilisation statistics; Opportunities; Product GP and margins; and Inventory on hand.  

    Each of these reports has a range of analysis by trends with drill downs, and can be filtered and sliced by teams, company status, types, industries, members or whatever is relevant to that report.  It's still early days but feedback so far is encouraging. And with Power BI there is the advantage that the data is stored in its own warehouse so doesn't affect or is affected by CW.

    I'm currently working on a service desk dashboard that uses direct query.

    The reports were developed for an on-premise site. so am looking for a cloud partner interested in working with me on the connections. There are a couple of options. I think one is the SSRS route and another is the Cloud data connector from CW.

    If any partner is interested in an arrangement or further information please contact me at rod.jarman@officesolutions.com.au

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