Code Of Conduct

Community Member Rules & Code of Conduct

    • Be Kind To Each Other – We encourage you to use this community to ask and answer questions, give and ask for feedback, to network and build relationships with peers and colleagues, and above all else to do it with kindness and respect. Inappropriate content or hate speech will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the community at any time.

    • Respect and help the moderators – A team of dedicated colleagues and SMEs work hard to provide value to the community.​ Please respect the team and know that they will support and assist with their knowledge and feedback as best they can. Our community is for the fostering of ideas, networking and growth and is not intended as an avenue to get support tickets resolved faster. 

    • Privacy – Please respect the privacy and personal information of other members. ​

    • No Spam – Some of our members may choose to list their email in their profile. This is intended for members to stay connected or directly reach out to one another and not for solicitation purposes, business or personal.

    • Do not spread misinformation or rumors – Think you have inside information? Keep it to yourself. We will remove posts promoting obvious falsehoods regarding the ConnectWise brand and products.

    • Discussing Freely – We encourage our community members to engage and discuss freely and even contribute to disagreements. We are building this community together, but please remember to criticize ideas/issues, not people. Accusations of bias or favoritism, are usually an indication that you are not trying to be a productive member of the community and your comment/post will be removed.

    • 3 Strike Policy– The Community will exact a 3 strikes, you're out policy.